Playing with plots for kids' stories

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These foolish idea came to my mind as I was trying to put my little niece to sleep.

A man went to the woods and got a big plank of wood. He planned to repare the shade of the stall of his dear horse. When he returned home, his son asked him to make him a bat and the man thought that he could spare that much wood. Then came his lil daughter. She wanted a doll's house and the man agreed. Then came his wife and demanded a rack for keeping utensils. Now the man was worried that he didn't have enough wood. He went to the horse and told it everything.
*The problem is: Now the horse should do something that will enable the man to fulfil everyone's demand.

There's a paper who thinks that he's the most perfect creature on earth. He goes to the moon and taunts him for the wrinkles on her face. Then he goes to the sky and teases him for his fading color as evening approaches. The next day the paper continues his journey. He goes to the river and laughs about her ripples. He goes to the snow and envies her fairness. But when the sun shone and the snow melted, the paper teases the snow for her weakness. Then came some clouds. They were fairer than the paper, but soon they started to darken. The paper becomes convinced that no one can match his eternal beauty. But as the rain starts to fall, the paper gets soaked and suddenly the wind carries him to a puddle! As he looks at his own reflection he is shocked to see that he's no longer fair & perfect! His proud is shattered totally.
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