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You feel you're losing grasp of plot? Too many posts to read? Then tune to Charisma's radio! Here's a numbered summary of what main stuff has gone about it the plot.

1) Police suggests there are aliens in the mental institute; since Francine cannot allow people in the mental institute to be handed over to police she takes up the responsibility and is to be monitored by John Francs.
2) Mortimer tries to get away, and uses Noah's help for it.
3) Skye, Gregor, Niel and Ambriel become friends.
4) Gregor gets the keys from an orderly and incinerates him, while opens all the medications and releases all the patients which causes a riot.
5) In response the army comes in and acts all so very rude and John shoots Gregor in the leg.
6) Now, as John has ordered, Francine is getting urine samples from everyone.
7) Mortimer kills two orderlies when Noah asks for help.
8) Francine is revealed to be a schizophrenic in disguise. Brenda knows, but for some eerie reason she is waiting for time to change course. Someone calls her and refers to her as Danielle, asking her to get the 'job done'.
9) Noah has a session with Francine in which she tell him that she is not his mother. He is violent, but she puts him to sleep.
10) Ambriel asks Gregor about her past, who tells her that she never had a husband, in fact she liked a man who did not like her. Out of anger and paranoia, she shot him and his girl. Also, Glenny and Noah also become friends with the Gregor group.
11) John is trying to do something to Francine, and it seems John and Gregor are old enemies. Gregor meets up with Francine and asks about why the military is here; she tells him but does not listen to his warnings.
12) Glenny is told by Brenda that Ramses, his delusion, does not exist. When the session is over he is put to sleep.
13) Gregor has convinced Skye, Ambriel, Niel, Noah and Chloris (Olena/Vira) on a secret plan for something. Mortimer is also involved.
14) Friday has begun and John arrives at eight o'clock, telling Francine that the issue of urine samples will be discussed in an hour.
15) Francine has a short session with Skye during which their differences increase and Skye gets a bath.
16) John and Brenda are old friends and it seems Brenda has no grudge against him.
17) Everyone is up and about. Niel feels that trusting Gregor is not a great idea and tries to sow seeds of dissent in him and Mortimer. He then approaches Ambriel, asking her to help him with something.
18) Ambriel blackmails Francine, asking her to listen to Niel because if she doesn't, he'd tell about her delusions. Francine goes to listen to him, and he repeats the question Gregor asked. She answers him after little enforcement. Ambriel, during that, forages for information in Francine's office.
19) John manages to talk to Gregor in person. John's real name is Calipto while Gregor's is Belleth. Gregor wants John to leave them alone, but he speaks of wanting to take Francine and Gregor along with him.
20) The store room is burnt down along with Gregor's and Glenny's rooms, which makes Francine finally believe that alien abduction is not far.
21) John is supposed to redo all his tasks for the military by Tuesday. Unfortunately John gets a call from a government official who tells him that his daughter Everic is sick, therefore, he decides to leave. To Francine, he intimates that he has left for Bosnia to see his sick aunt.
22) Jerry talks to a woman, asking her to spare Francine but she threatens to kill him and Francine if he complains.
23) Mortimer tells Gregor that he is visited by a creature besides Gregor.
24) Francine leaves an envelope for Brenda while Jerry comes to the hospital to break open Brenda's office and uses Skye, but due to being loudmouthed he gets an injection.
25) Ambriel tells Niel that John and Gregor both have no biodata, and that they must be associated with the military.
26) Niel talks to Gregor who admits that he knows John, but also manages to convince him of his validity (to an extent).
27) Ambriel walks into Mortimer's room, haunting him like the creature he spoke of often.
28) Brenda is a dangerous woman who has blackmailed Jerry for something, against the life of his sister. He wants guarantee nothing will happen to her, but Brenda refuses to give any.
29) Skye ruins Francine's room because of her grudges against her, but later on apologizes and they become good friends. Francine also announces in the hospital that there are aliens amongst them.
30) John kidnaps Niel, convincing him to trust him. He says that Gregor is the true culprit, who is blackmailing John and has held his daughter. Niel agrees to help him, but remains neutral at heart.
31) Skye looks in Brenda's room and finds two passports with the names 'Brenda Stives' and 'Danielle McCarter', but the same face. She tells this to Ambriel who offers to tell Gregor. The three then go look for Dr. Brenda.
32) Olena and Glenny talk to Dr. Francine, asking about the different suspects.
33) Niel talks to Dr. Francine about John's offer and they decide to spy and try to get information on Gregor and John.
34) Jerry tells Francine that Brenda had blackmailed him since the they met for information on her, and Jerry wants Francine to leave the job.
35) Brenda and Gregor/Ambriel/Skye have a talk, in which it is revealed that Brenda knows John's and Gregor's real name, and that those passports probably are both belonging to her (unlike her twin sister as she claims). She escapes their interrogation and runs for the day.
36) Everic is John's daughter and John goes to meet her in their highly lavish mansion.
37) Ambriel finds messages in an unknown handwriting in her room and seeks Gregor's assistance.
38) Everic somehow gets to the mental asylum and is rescued by Glenny and Skye. She doesn't know English, so they take her to Dr. Francine who interprets her as John's daughter and allows Skye to take care of her until something can be done.
39) Niel/Chaos meet up with Mortimer, to find clues. He speaks of weird creatures to come talk to him, but only after Niel unties him. When Niel wants to tie him back they get violent. Eventually, Niel conquers and straps him again.
40) Gregor talks to Brenda, asking her to join him. He then talks to Dr. Francine to act up, at which John arrives and acts brutal, chopping off Skye's left arm and right leg. Gregor is infuriated and kills two of his men, but John leaves. Brenda is held by Niel and is asked to spill the plan, at which she says she is with Francine. She then knocks out Niel and escapes.
41) Francine joins Gregor, but before much can be done Brenda activates a drug and everyone forgets what happened, since morning. (From after point 35)
42) Mortimer and Chaos have a showdown, in which they break a few bones. Olena also helps.
43) Chaos goes to Gregor and asks him about John's wife and his admittance to hospital, on which he says that John killed his own wife and that he was admitted to the asylum because they found him with three dead people.
44) Francine gets a message which warns her of the consequences of prying into the truth, and she finds that Jerry is in danger. She is intercepted by a woman who tells her that john Francs died 2 years ago, and his wife is still alive, who is Brenda Stives.
45) Skye think Brenda cut her limbs, and when she agrees Skye woes revenge. She talks with Glenny and Olena who make her feel better.
46) Olena learns of her two other personalities, Chloris and Vira.
47) Gregor threatens to kill Brenda who saves herself in time.
48) Brenda and Francine have a talk about Brenda's husband, when she tells about her children. When Francine asks about the children's location, Brenda says that they are 'Inside of you'.
49) The creature which bugged Mortimer lures him to kill Gregor, and Mortimer agrees. In reality, Mortimer makes use of the creature's trust to grab it and then Gregor orders him to kill it. However, Brenda intervenes and saves it.
50) Brenda has flashbacks about her family with the real John Francs, and how Calipto killed her children by cutting off their heads. She learns that Gregor thinks she is Zvera - John's slave - and decides to make use of it.
51) Olena learns of her other personality, Vira, through Niel.
52) Gregor difficultly told Skye that her limbs were amputated for socializing with John's daughter, Everic. She is tried and goes to nap in Olena's room.
53) Noah gets into drug abuse and has returned after a few days, with no memory of whatsoever happened. Francine gets upset and leaves the hospital.
54) Francine gets drunk and when she gains her senses, she decides to go to John's house. There, she find out a photo album which has the alien form of Calipto. John/Calipto ctaches her and explains himself.
55) Calipto is a frontik (specie) from Ghalmaraz (planet) who had once imposed legality of female frontiks for fuel by burning in a time of desperation. Now that the females and fuel both were gone, he has developed a new idea centered around Francine to revive his repute as the president of a world organization. Francine is frightened and runs away, and goes to the hospital to tell Gregor of this. But before she can, Brenda intercepts her and convinces her that all of this military, aliens and John thing never happened, thus she is seeing hallucinations. In view of it, she is hospitalized secretively in a secluded room.
56) Brenda converses with Skye as a counselor and tries to avoid mentioning of her amputation.
57) The press and media infiltrate the hospital, causing mayhem.

Looks like I'm running out of space over here. Updates will be in the comments from now on.

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