Poem 2

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This is just another poem I wrote in class.

Dropped off by my mom,
In a place I didn’t want to be.
The sun going down slowly,
On this bleak afternoon.

The door to my right,
Pulled open wide.
A man dressed in work clothes,
Trudged his way out.

My father stood before me,
A beer in one hand
All he said was, “lets get going.”
Then he walked right by.

The wood splitting contraption,
Was near the willow tree.
The chainsaw was next to it,
In case it was need again.

The yelling began,
As I knew it would
He called me names,
Just like every other time.

I tried to get away,
To run from his mean words,
But his can flew towards me,
To stop me, but he missed.

I said I was done,
And I walked away.
I would never forget,
How he treated me that day.
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