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Poem - World of You

Published by peachalulu in the blog peachalulu's blog. Views: 133

I don't know anything about poetry. I read it, don't really get it. Especially the rules. It always feels
intimidating. Wrote one - Grummot the other day and posted it and decided to try another
one. It's old-fashioned. Here it is - Don't know if the last part works.

World of you

Cast off the covers of night-sky
bliss, Chest rise as my morning sun.
On horizon of silken flesh,
Velour cheek singeth ; life begun.

Fingertip journey round caverns
wing, lips whisper into caverns cove.
Speak only of secret things
tangled love that thee have wove.

Fantail feathers lift as wedded veil,
on magic orb, er wishing well
Dive in through mirror skin ,
drown to the doubts, I surrender to thy spell.
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  • peachalulu
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