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Poetic Blunder

Published by Michipanda in the blog Michipanda's blog. Views: 180

You probably saw the title of my blog and thought to yourself that this entry is about the various blunders poets make in poetry. Sorry, I am not that dedicated nor am I that articulate about the mechanics of poetry and its components. I simply make up titles that will pull the eye and write about what I please. But I hope you will stay and continue reading this little story that I am about to share. It actually does have poetry in it. Though if you have a weak heart, I do recommend you skipping out. While this tale isn't necessarily gory, it is a bit messy.

It all started earlier today. I got off work early and was in the mood to groom and wash. The choices were either clothes and my entire linen closet (sheets that haven't been watched or used in a while) or the dogs...in particular my matted hair Shitzu (Shih-Tzu as some like to spell it). I went with the dog and set out on giving him a hair cut that would leave him either bald or close to a puppy cut.

As I'm sure any dog owner who washes and trims their own dog would already know, dogs tend to have a bad habit of moving around. And oh what luck that my poor dog had. He sharply turned his head just as I was clipping near his ear, snip. He was quite manly about it, I must admit. He didn't even yelp or yap or shriek. He just nudged me with his teeth to let me know it hurt. Well, I'm thinking, I must have just barely cut him, can you guess what I found? Pools of blood pouring from his ear. I was quite distraught, even called the vet. But as dedicated as I sound, I decided to finish up his hair. By the time I was down clipping off his matted hair, the bleeding had already stopped.

Don't get me wrong now, I cleaned and treated it. But while checking every so often to make sure his ear was fine, a poem popped in my head.

"Oh how white your garment hangs
Covered in pools flowing red flames
Thick and smooth as a velvety wine
Clashing with flesh and filthy grime
Cry out and wait for all to hear
The pain you suffered during this time
Will stronger than iron or steel
Your warm eyes look beyond the hill
As the life of this moment finally cries
Your words of love, your final goodbye "

- "A Crimson Goodbye"
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