Poetry contest #264

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There was a young fella named Bill
Who seemed to be a bit of a dill
He said it's ok
To have 640k
And he's haunted by this premise still

It's subtle and nerdy and I am guessing people won't get it. Plus limericks are only impressive if you can see them being created instantly, or never wrote something creative in your own life or nothin' or never.

I am going to compete, and I have time to put some thought in. I wonder if my poems will be spurned due to their adherence to rhythm and rhyme. Time will tell.

I think for this poem I want to explore the concepts of windows keeping things out, keeping things in, and the "eyes are the windows to the soul" that give you glimpses into another person.

I am also contemplating - rightly or wrongly - making everything I write here pertinent to my novel ideas - the trilogy I wish to write.

Very fricken pleased to have a blog here I can rant on.

Thanks! :D
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