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Poetry has only recently become an interest of mine, within the past few months or so (which is really weird. I don't know why.) and Mt. Parnassus has been a bit of a more difficult climb than I had at first envisioned. The snowy heights of glory are not yielded to everyone. The muses are stingy with their gifts, it seems. Ah well, such is life. Sic transit gloria mundi. In the words of Isaiah the prophet: All flesh is grass, and all the grace thereof is as the flowers of the field.

Anyway (tangents are to me the spice of virtual and real conversation, as well as of blogging), I intend to post all the poetry that I have written here. Some of it has been posted already in the Poetry forum. Some has not. At any rate, I shall probably embarass myself somehow or other. Please tell me if I do. I should be mortified to commit the same mistake twice.

The first two (or three, as the case may be) poems are written in a verse form known as alliterative verse, the same used to compose Beowulf and other masterpieces of the Anglo-Saxon period. Look it up, I beseech you. Wikipedia has a very good ariticle on the subject.

Wait. I just realized that if I posted all of them at once, this post could be unduly long. Length can be used for good, as many claim Augustine's City of God was (I have not read it myself, although theology is a point of interest for me. Hehe, but not that much of a point of interest. I have other things to do), but also for evil. A Song of Ice and Fire, I hear (neither have I read these novels), fulfills this purpose admirably. Although the status of this post would obviously be morally neutral regarding its length, it may be easier on my devoted fans (and there are many) to keep it short. And hopefully sweet. Look for my poems in future posts, probably no later than tomorrow.

Au revoir
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