Pondering Story Ideas

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Today my mind kept drifting to potential story ideas.

I thought about a young pre-teen girl who was forced to do various therapies with her psychologist mother during her growing up years. I imagined a dialogue in which she was using her puppet to try and explain to her mom exactly why she doesn't wish to have a conversation with her about her feelings over her growing breasts and her new training bra.

Then my struggling student from the previous post skipped my class today, worrying the crap out of me. Turned out she was supposedly in the nurse's office which the nurse couldn't fully confirm her presence for the entire hour and a half of my class. Obsessed for a bit, wondering if she's avoiding me. Then felt guilty because I had to tell the counselors and the principal, who subjected her to a bit of an interrogation, however gently done. Thought about writing a story about a teacher who knows about a student issue that leads to a suicide eventually.
Imagined some good dialogue based on research I'd done.

Then I went back to the story that I'm working on--the story that is STILL at a standstill because I can't find anyone who knows about political campaigns enough to answer my questions about it so that I can write in a way that makes sense!! I'm really determined not to let this one go. There must be someone out there of my acquaintance who has another friend who has another acquaintance who can messenger me on Facebook one day and stay in touch for brief messages and ideas as I write in the details.

Then I taught Julius Caesar and wondered whatever happened to the daughter of the crazed barbarian Gaul that he supposedly captured after killing her father and mother. Did he take her all to Rome? Was she as crazy, war-bred as her father? Thought it would make a great romance novel. Except that Julius Caesar is destined for a stabbing at the Senate on the Ides of March. Other than that.
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