Post 1 -- The New Face

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The wind whistles through your hair as you prepare to step into the tomb. No one told you what you would find when you entered, but you were brave enough to take that chance. Torches dimly light up the thick air before you. You hear the scurry of rats racing away from your footsteps. And as you approach the tombstone, your heart races... This is it, the grave of the arcane master, Dark Dyer...

Hey there readers. I've stumbled upon a new addiction! Forums! I didn't quite know where to start. You know, that first post in the "Please welcome me" thread is rather intimidating. A lot of folks will read it, and that's before they read your writing. Is your introduction of yourself good enough to merit checking out your threads? Or your blog? Well, you guys obviously thought so, or otherwise you wouldn't be here! I guess we can toast to that one...

As I mentioned, I'm a fantasy author. Not every piece I churn out is fantasy, however. I wrote a piece earlier tonight titled "Death's Hope" about a man given a choice in the face of Death herself (I have no idea why I chose for Death to be a woman). I thought it was a good piece, and as every short story I write goes, it lessened a huge load on my back about my future as an author. So here I am, throwing myself into the internets in a hope to get my name and writing out there.

So thanks for reading my blog! I'll try to keep this thing updated as often as possible. I hope you enjoyed reading my writing as much as I enjoyed writing it.

--Dark Dyer
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