Post Irene

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During the recent storm, about six baby girls were born into this world and six mothers decided to name their child after a dangerous force that tore through the southeast coast. I can see how these traits can be considered charming :confused:

NYC. Lost power for about 13 hours. Oh, and only on my block. I got to watch through my windows the flickering lights of other windows as people sat and watched cable TV. A cool experience, though. Candles. Cooking in low light. Walking around looking at all the torn leaves and branches from trees surrounding the park and pond which was swollen to it's brim. Funny how when the power is out, you see people more than you ever saw them before. Technology seems to keep us more isolated in ways and less isolated in others.

My laptop earned it's gold star by holding up for 8 hrs on battery. The wind felt great after the last two days of muggy heat. Nice, cool, and windy. Soon my favorite season will be here and already the leaves are turning.

Not bad.
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