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Post problems

Published by Gloom Kitty in the blog Gloom Kitty's blog. Views: 52

Hi guys a quick one for today, so what’s the drama? Well I want to talk about posting reviews today. Before I start I want you all to know I’m not trying to gratify myself or anything, I just feel like the way posts are being reviewed lately could be better.

I know I’m no moderator and I most certainly will never be. It just makes me sad to see a lot of people going unreviewed. I don’t know what the reason behind this is and I’m not even asking about it. The way I see it this forum is more then just that, it’s also a community. A community can only thrive when all its members are working in harmony with one another. When members go unattended they seem to fall beneath the cracks.

I know I really should save this for some other place, but I truly am concerned. I hate seeing posts with 0 replies I hate it when people do it to me. It’s not a case of awww I’m not popular. It’s more like if my work is so bad that it can’t be read or boring or cliché. I would much rather be told then have my post go unread, surely everyone else must feel the same? Well anyway I’ve decided that I will only crit posts with zero comments or with minimum comments. What’s sad about that is that I am far from the right person for that job, as I am one of the members with lower gramma skills and structure skills.

As it is at the moment my writing is on hold, I just cannot write anything decent and haven’t the motivation so I may as well put myself to some type of use.

Well that’s it for tonight, if anybody finds this offensive or not right for this blog then please let me know or tell a moderator, thanks :-D
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