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Pot o' Gold

Published by Scattercat in the blog Scattercat's blog. Views: 116

“I’ve caught you!” cried Jerry exultantly.

“Aye, ye have.”

Jerry didn’t relax his grip on the little man’s ankle. “Now I get the pot of gold, right?”

“Aye.” The leprechaun flipped a page of the magazine he’d been reading – The Economist – and puffed at his meerschaum pipe.

“Aren’t you upset?”

“Ach, laddie,” the wee man chuckled, “ye have no idea. But ye’ll learn…”

When Jerry awoke, the first thing he noticed was the huge pot of shining gold pieces. He picked up his little green hat, adjusted the four-leaf clover to just the right angle, and settled down to wait.
  • Kersti
  • Scattercat
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