Prayer of Hope

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Written March 2010

There’s a chilly bite in the air
And there’s fog and rain everywhere
I feel like there’s no hope there
It’s so hard to believe what you say.

The clouds of life hang so low and black
I feel like I’ve been to hell but not back
I feel like everything I do is under attack
I don’t think I can believe what you say.

The colours of flowers, the white of a daisy
The blue of an orchid, bright and crazy
A mockery of my life, so dull, so hazy
Can I really believe what you’re saying?

Where can I find hope? Where can I find peace?
Is there a place where all this pain will cease?
Is there any chance for a little rest at least?
I just want to believe what you’ve said.

I heard the other day that your whisper, so soft
Can ease the wildest thoughts, bring peace to my soul
Can you bring your whisper to my ear, I’m feeling so lost
I want to believe what they say.

I know now it doesn’t matter at all
What I’ve done or felt or said or thought
All that matters is the way I look to you, my Lord
I want to trust in your word, what you say.

My Lord, my Father, it’s so hard to believe
You really, really do love me
It doesn’t matter what I do or how I feel
I really believe you love me today.

It’s so hard to believe that it’s true
All I have to do is look to you
All I have to do is trust in you
It’s so hard to believe and yet it’s true

It is so true, you love me always
You love me yesterday, tomorrow, today
What can I do to to repay?
There’s nothing; I just have to believe what you say.

You say you love me, you’re redeeming me
You’ll bring me to paradise, you’re never leaving me
I have no hope asides from you leading me
I believe you, what else would I do anyway?
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