Preface of my story.

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About; (short and to the point) Girl is a pianist. Goes blind at 6. *11 years later* Is now 17. She always been able to see in her dreams. Get experimental surgery to make her able to see in real life. It works. Now she can't see in her dreams. And even though she can see in real life it's not what she expected. It's not as beautiful as it was in her dreams. Her mom looks older. Herself looks different. She expected everything to look like a combination of what she remembers seeing when she was six, and what her dreams showed her. (I'm still trying to think of a good ending) By the way, the point of veiw is by the girl, and, her name is Ameira. I dont have the last name yet.
Okay, here I go. This is the preface of my story:

The sweet flowery scent was lightly perfumed throughout the entire field. Purple lilacs, white daisies, pink roses, and green grass danced in the breeze. The few clouds scattered in the soft sky were a pure white and fluffed just right.

I was afraid to take even one step within the glorious meadow, fearing that I’d crush its beauty. But I just couldn’t resist, so I slowly lifted one foot, and as gently as possible, let it fall upon the flowers. To my surprise, I didn’t disturb a single blade of grass. So, I took another light step, and another, and another. It was as if i was floating. Not floating above, but floating through.

As I wandered about the meadow I began to hope that this would never end. That I could spend the rest of eternity swallowed by such splendid colors and shapes. So I stopped, and just sat there. Soaking in the beauty while it lasted. I never once blinked because I didn’t want to return to the deep, black, darkness. Not even for a second.

But it slowly crept upon me, forcing me back to life. Forcing me back to a world of black.
* * *​

Then I was completely awake
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