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Okay, here's another poem I did. I know the structure kinda falls apart at the end of the poem, sorry! Still, I had fun writing it and hopefully somebody will have fun reading it :)


Hit the ground running,
Fleeing a terrible beast,
I hear a distant rumbling,
And the ground it shakes beneath.

This ancient wilderness,
Has caught me in its teeth,
Can't bring myself to assess,
What moves below my feet.

Something in my speech slurs.
Something in the wind stirs.
Something overhead blurs.
Stay away, it's my life not yours!

Caught in this false paradise.
Naught left before you realize.

I'm in some evil snare,
If you're the hunter I'm the hare,
Atleast I am aware,
That buzzards circle here.

I'm saved from this rip and tear,
Something grabs me by the hair,
And takes me down down down,
And down.
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