Primitive Technology Dude

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I've been fascinated by this guy's videos since first coming across them a few years ago. He is the master of show vs. tell. Not a single word spoken. Not one. There are plenty of other channels with people showing similar skills and they natter on insistently, clearly enamored of the sound of their own voices.

I have to admit that I find this guy profoundly attractive.

He's not going to grace the cover of any fashion magazine or walk any runway in this autumn's collection from D&G. He's just a wee wiry lad. Doesn't look like he's taller than five flat. His physique looks work-earned, not gym-gotten.

His silence is mesmerizing. I am captivated by its rarity. I could spend a week in the woods with this fellah', never speaking a word, letting him show me what he does, and consider it the best therapy ever. I may need to create a character based on him, at least in part.

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