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All aboard!

I keep putting off writing. And putting it off and putting it off in favor of ANTM or Clean House or Supernanny or something of that nature, but mostly ANTM. The saddest part is that ANTM is recorded on TiVO. Yeah...

So I think to myself.. am I meant to write? I have to force myself to get up and do it. Shouldn't it just come to me? Maybe it's my idea, but I really like my idea. The ... um. That one word for it. Execution! The execution of my idea might be wrong. But I don't know. The characters are becoming un-cardboard. Which is good.

Then I go to critique others' stuff and sometimes I just can't finish reading it, let along critiquing it. So I can't post up much on the forums because I can't force myself to read something I'm just not enjoying.

Very very few people here post up YA. That's my niche, you see. YA. Young Adult. A lot of people don't view it as a valid sort of genre thing. But it is. I like it more than the adult fantasy novels. The YA stuff tends to be more about characters than setting. The plots can be transparent, but the writing is usually fresher.

Mm. This isn't particularly thought-provoking, but that's okay. It's more a stream of consciousness, isn't it?

Maybe I should make some cookies and eat them and write. I want cookies..
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