Procrastination Strikes Again

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A quick note to 'fess up before I go to bed. I'd been doing well; nothing extra, just staying current. Then today, I decided to play a pc game before I got on with my writing and next thing I knew it was time to get on with other things (cat food, grocery shopping, dog walking, etc) and then it was 8:30 and time to go to bed. I decided to get at least one page done, though I'm really tired, mildly headachey, and feel just a bit sick. Probably the tiredness is contributing to the other two. Anyway, I got the page done, it's almost 9, and I need to get to bed if I am to have any hope of getting any writing done in the morning. So that's one page added to the 53 I have in arrears, now 54. I'll try to get three done in the morning.
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