suhailp Jan 19, 2012
I've also had a lot of trouble finishing stories TheWritingWriter, I've only attempted two "proper" novels however. Needless to say, neither made it past 10,000 words.

When I have problems with inspiration for any piece of writing, I always tend to just kind of roughly write down what I want to have happen (or convey) then come back to it at a later point. In some sense I prefer to get most of the "story" component out of the way with, and then fill in the chapter afterwards, and basically make it make sense (if that makes sense). That way I tend to get a lot of freedom to mess around with the details, and it doesn't seem as daunting as a task. (As the chapters almost "grow" in size as you add stuff to them).

However, I've never really finished a book, but then again, I am pretty damn lazy, and I got a degree to finish. If you know it's a problem though, and you really want to finish a project, there's nothing to it but to do it dude. You shouldn't doubt yourself, if you stick with it who knows what you're capable of? Try listening to some music or looking at some images to help find the words to convey what you want to show.

And maybe try getting one of those voice recorder things, an ex of mine was a singer and would frequently use one to record idea's for lyrics and the like. They can be pretty useful, and you wouldn't have to type so much as well, solving your carpal tunnel problem! =)