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So far so good. Four more pages done. What with one thing and another I was up past midnight getting them down, but they're done. Here's hoping my lack of sleep doesn't shorten my patience -- my daughter is slated to clean her room this morning. What doesn't break us makes us stronger, right? Right??

Anyway, I see I've had visitors. *waves hello* So now I guess I'd better stay serious about this new strategy of mine. Nothing like success to keep things real! And on that note, I'll set my goal today to...hmm...hey, yeah, let's amp it up a bit, six pages. It's 8:40 in the morning, plenty of time to get it done. Hah.

I'm slightly concerned about one of my subplots; I haven't been able to figure out how to resolve it and I keep wondering if it should even be there. I've sort of tied it into the main storyline, but I'm very unsatisfied with the way I'm handling it and I suspect it's cluttering up the story. I guess when I'm done and finally give the draft a read I'll find out.

So I was at 50. Subtract 4. 46 plus my daily 2 pages equals 48. If, no, when I accomplish my goal of 6 pages today that'll bring me down to 42. Progress is being made.
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