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Published by deep breath in the blog deep breath's blog. Views: 105

I am shy enough to introduce myself completely in a public forum like this. So decided to introduce in my blog, so that interested people will only get to read this conversation. If the question is whom I am conversing with, the answer is as simple as “Myself”. I tend to talk to myself quite often - more than the defined human standard of normalcy.
Still I am not mad, at least yet, may be in the making. But as titled “Prologue” it would be more about past than about future (may be someday I will be writing the epilogue of my own story).
I have passed the age of in-determinacy and have stabilized enough than my past- where I used to dream about joining Navy, then a Doctor and last but not the least a Psychiatrist. Now I am none of these and far away from these - I am a Modeler. I clean data like a sweeper, stack it like a Librarian and look at numbers like an amateur statistician in a word- Dilbertian. But the most important part of my work is to plan my leaves - how efficiently I can optimize my holiday and there I am no more an amateur statistician but a profound mathematician. Hope I could use this caliber in optimizing national resources; I would have been a state figure then.
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