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Published by Adenosine Triphosphate in the blog Adenosine's Notebook. Views: 155

Sudafed Cover3 - Copy.png
Pseudoephedrine is a member of the amphetamine drug class with stimulant and decongestant properties. It is an isomer of the related stimulant ephedrine. It can be chemically converted to methamphetamine, and sales of it are closely monitored, but it still doesn't require a prescription, and it isn't amazingly powerful in and of itself. I've been told it feels rather like strong coffee.

Brand names include Sudafed Congestion, Benadryl Plus, and Allegra D. It is also found along with ephedrine in the natural herb ephedra.

Glow effects brought to you by a Wikipedia image and forty-five minutes of Paint.NET.
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