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Psychics: Real or Not

Published by mugen shiyo in the blog mugen shiyo's blog. Views: 116

I'm wondering whether there is any validity to it. Like anything not really well known, there is the serious side and the goofy side. For the serious, think of the rashes that are triggered (or a theorized to be triggered) by stress, as well as the strange range of ailments suffered by the body and mind during such times. What this says is that our mental state or our mind has a certain influence over our physical body. Our thoughts can alter our physical state. That would mean that your thoughts, which can affect someone else's thoughts, can alter someone else's physical state. Well known is the woman who lifted a car to save her child.

In a serious light, studying psychic abilities is an ascended for of psychology ignored by professionals to embarrassed or fearful of it to be different or be ridiculed. (thought it's unfair to call them cowards since their fear is based on the almost immediate ridicule people would give them for even stating such and the immediate threat to their income should they pursue such) Psychic abilities, to me, simply highlight the highly unexplored relation between mind and matter. Einstein believed matter and energy where interchangeable, if not the same. Matter can produce energy and energy can produce matter. Think of it another way and each is capable of controlling the other. Now this is not where we make the leap of believing we are all Tetsuo from Akira somewhere down inside- though I LOVED that scene where he flew up into space on top of the satellite. Mind-blowing at the time (1997, I think). I couldn't say the range or potential of such abilities, but one thing I feel assured of is that we would have a far more complete understanding and control of our bodies.

External psychic abilities probably have something to do with the power of suggestion, the degree of perception, and perhaps something a little more unexplained. Radio waves are a form of energy and I'd say that all matter acts as receptors to that energy in some varying degree or another. It wouldn't surprise me that we could psychically read the shifts in a persons "energy" that correlate to their mood the same way we read the shifting expressions of their face and/or body. After all, our bodies interpret sound and light energy and we hardly process through our conscious side all the information received from either.

Why might it be difficult to learn or accept? I think there is a sort of war between the subconscious ans conscious sides of us. Hypnotists are probably the furthest pioneers into the mind- on a psychic scale- we can officially account for. You can see it in their process of navigating through a persons mind and thoughts as they bring them from consciousness to subconsciousness that there is definitely a barrier. We like to be in control of ourselves. Not being so can be as freaky for a person as waking up driving without there hands on the wheel. It actually seems like there are two parallel sides. As if one part was sealed off from the other in some way, naturally. When a hypnotist wants to explore, he asks to conscious to appease and negotiate with the subconscious as if it were the medium. Because of this, our unconscious evaluation of the data or consciousness largely ignores goes unnoticed. That and the consciousness is FILLED with misconceptions, preconceptions, fears, emotions, etc that will distort such authentic psychic impressions or readings, if any, into something COMPLETELY different and unreliable.

And strangely, just in the same way the answer to one question leads to a hundred others, the sense of clarity and discovery that unfolding psychic talents would bring would almost immediately be clouded by the fact that it brings into focus, perhaps, another dimension of existence. Psychic abilities do not necessarily prove the higher existence of the individual "soul". It's still, when trying to think seriously on it, a simple matter of matter and thoughts or matter and energy interacting on a scale largely unknown to us. But it's possible. Many things are possible. That's why even in our time, there is always opportunity for adventure...if you're not afraid to take the plunge from the known.
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