Public writing on Southern Sudan for composition class

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In the current event of Southern Sudan votes on independence, by ABC action news, we are told that 4 million people in Southern Sudan voted to get their independence from the northern part of Africa. But unfortunately the border demarcation, and oil problem were just some of the issues that need to be resolved in order to go through everything piece fully. ABC action news uses logos to tell the audience, that depending on what happened with the issues and how they would be solved, is something that would effect the decision, and that would either bring war or piece to their nation. A smudge of logos was also appearing when the news castor explained that the country just finished a very long civil war and the votes could cause one of both great impactions in their country. In this event Pathos is used to help connect the situation that the southern Sudan people are in. With this we should be able to see their position or views in the voting of independence for their country and for themselves as humans… Although they say that the piece agreement may have taken months I believe that these people wanted their unity of southern piece to transform the discrimination into an unspecified combination that is less of a heart ace, into a remarkable transformation. Ethos then jumps in at the end, when President Obama is said to have congratulated Sudan on their votes for independence being approved, with a remarkable 98% of voters voting for independence.
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