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I’m a figment of your imagination, I can change my face as I please, you will never tame me, never know me, never even meet me as in reality all you see, hear, feel and know is my character.

Words I speak I speak from my own mind, lips, lungs and heart to me it is the truth and how I live my life to you perhaps not, you may follow it, bend my words to suit your own needs or reject it, challenge me, hate me and fear me.

We are different; you are you I am I.

Perhaps one day you shall meet the real me but only when my death is near shall that ever happen, we’ll live in the ideal that we truly know each other until one second changes everything.

We’ll cry together, sing together, drink together, laugh together and yell together.

You may like to see me as a saint or as the very thing you hate but I’m never anything only what you make me out to be.

I never made you decide you did this on your own; it was in your mind that I was created, from your mouth my words tangled in a web of lies.

Now they know me for who you made me out to be, they think of me as you do and will never attempt to know who I really am.

For that I thank you, you have allowed me to become something I never was, my memory will not be of me but of yours and everyone’s vision of what I am and was.

I can challenge you, I could change you words, I could even make you see yourself rather than who you think you are, one look within a mirror and you’ll realise that you are not you, you never have been you….you are me.

You have always been me, we’ve never seen each other, never talked together, never smiled together never even brushed upon each other in the hall.

Yet I have always been here whispering my poison into your ear, pulling my strings which decide your every move.

How does it feel knowing I’ve always controlled you?

How does it feel seeing what you really are?

You think they care about you these politicians?

They control you, make you think what ever they want you to think and eventually when you don’t like it is what you’ve voted you attempt to take control.

And they cut your strings…falling down….alone….you remain forever without meaning without reason…you are one of them….your a puppet.
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