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To put it simply, this post will be missing something by the time I am done writing it. It's some little writing exercise I just thought of. But, something is missing now, I wonder if you've noticed it. I'll continue down the sequence post-completion of this. This isn't quite simple, keeping to the puzzle. I'll cut it short, due to such difficulty. But not now, I've still got more puzzle in me. Let us see, how can I continue this silliness? I know, I will write about experiences with writing! Where to begin... The first thing I ever truly wrote was some horrid piece of pokemon fiction; the likes of which I prefer not to remember. The pokemon piece of my writing life continued on, soon showing me the forum "pokecommunity." It's not too horrible, but there are numerous people who will bug you. Mostly poor writers who think they're excellent. They will write something, post it, then expect mindless complements from the other users. Sorrowfully, I too must live down such crimes, but I digress.
I moved onto my current project close to the time I joined this forum. (For those who don't know it, this is Grey, my fiction).

I suppose this is the end. Oh well, some will see the truth, others will not. Tell me is you solve this conundrum!
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