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Query Letter Revisited

Published by Corbyn in the blog Corbyn's blog. Views: 197

*Takes a huge breath before plowing ahead.*

It's no secret how much I hate the query letter by now. To say it's been the thorn in my side for the last three days, would be a vast understatement. By the end of yesterday, the score was query letter (6,000) Corbyn (0). To that end, I owe @BayView and @Tenderiser a huge debt. They helped put the dreaded query letter in perspective. I'm immensely grateful, if not for the help of both of you I'd still be floundering around with the initial draft, which was so horrible... just so horrible!

Anyway, why did I put so much effort into the thing when I don't even have a WIP to show for it? The query letter in question was part of a homework assignment of sorts, for one of my RL writing groups. Next Monday, we'll be doing a query letter workshop. Do I need that dreaded query letter? Not really. I'm more focused on trying to actually get my first draft finished. Did I need to do it right now? Yes.

I've been struggling with my plot for what seems like an eternity. I had a bunch of pieces, I knew I was missing smaller ones to make the picture whole, but I couldn't pinpoint them.

Having to actually walk through the plot with @Tenderiser put a good bit of it into perspective for me. So, for as much of a headache as the query letter is, I'll be writing more of them and far more frequently.
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