Quit Ignoring Me

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I just have to rant a little here. This isn't a problem on WF, btw. Just a problem everywhere else. I feel like I am back in high school or even middle school. Like I am completely invisible and no one is paying attention to me.

In my online life, I post something. Like for this example I posted a fully complete character in a RP OOC. Well it goes like this:

Me- Character Sheet

GM- Where my post is right below. Lilyac great post in the IC.

Am I boring? How can you miss a post right on top of yours? The whole thread passes three pages and the GM hasn't acknowledged me. So I have to go off and ask, is this still accepting and is my character accepted. Oh sorry didn't see your post. Is the next reply. Then I am accepted.

So it somehow shows a little how invisible my post was another.

Another online example is when I play video games, like Call of Duty or Halo. The whole match can go either two ways, I don't die at all or I die all the time. However, most of the cases of the times where the whole entire match I don't die. People pass me.

I guess other people would enjoy being invisible in a video game online. But for me the point is to shoot at each other. I feel like the weird ghost wandering around looking at the carnage of my dead comrades.

People just always run pass me. And I'm like, they must have some bad eyesight cause they cannot see me.

My offline life isn't as grand either. A recent example of how equally unimportant I am to people is when me and my sister unit went to Walgreens recently. The cashier, took his time to have a full length conversation with my sister.

Talking about irrelevant stuff. And he even told her she should come over to his place some time he lives across the street. When I get there I tell him, hello. Try get a conversation going up.

He completely ignores me, tells me the total, press this button, and do I want cash back. All business with me.

Do I just have this sign that says, ignore this person?

Am I as invisible as I feel?

And why does it frustrate me so much?

Sorry, a bit of a personal rant.
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