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Quiz Jake

Published by Elgaisma in the blog Elgaisma's blog. Views: 71

Not sure if this is going to work lol but wonder if you can ask my character questions for me to answer. I have decided to proceed with writing my second novel first person present tense from point of view of a gay man and need to practice writing in his style rather than the style of his brother Angus.

My name is Professor Jacob Brown, aged 29, I teach at the Royal Academy, Seatown where I work. I am 6ft2, with very dark hair, tanned complexion and green eyes.

I was born Crown Prince Socrates, the elder son of King Lorenzo II of Covesea Island. My mother died when I was 10, and my younger brother Angus was born the same year. On my 28th birthday I tried to commit suicide, it was unsuccessful. My father died the same night and my brother became King.

Following plastic surgery and a name change I went back to teaching at my school, and married my best friend and lover of over a decade Nate, head of the Secret Service.
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