" But the moon is scarred."

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Devdas (speaking to his mother after his father's funeral service):

Bapuji said leave the village, everybody said leave Paro, Paro said leave alcohol. Today you said leave home. One day He will say, leave the world.

On a whim I brought out Sanjay Leela Bhansali's magnum opus, Devdas. I had been flipping through the novella when I was struck by a wave of nostalgia, and although I knew it would just depress me, I had to see the film again.

One scene in particular that I can never forget:

- When Devdas returns to Paro on her wedding day and apologizes for leaving her behind and sending her a letter that stated, in more ways than one, that she was only a "dear friend". His reply to her questioning:

Your Deva never does anything deliberately. I was naive." Angrily, she chides him. Was he naive when he gave her the bracelet?

Devdas has no reply.

Standing with her back to Devdas with her pained expression hidden Paro says, " You are the son of a lawyer, and tomorrow I will be an aristocrat."

Devdas: "It's not good to be so vain. Even the moon is not as vain as you are."

With a determined look, Paro says in a hardened tone: " But the moon is scarred."

And Devdas, staring over he shoulder with an eery expression, slowly reaches for her pearl necklace, brings it up her face and swings it hard at her forehead. Paro falls to the ground, holding her bleeding head, gasping: "Deva, what have you done?"

Devdas breaking to pieces the necklace, touches his fingtertips to his lips and then to her forehead and says, " I have marked you with my love."

On another note, I am leaving for San Diego tomorrow afternoon. A close friend of mine will be driving. It's only about two hours away. Perhaps we'll go to a Jazz club in the Gas Lamp district. I feel like I could use a little jazz in my bones.

I feel almost attached to this forum now. Made some new friends, too. So it's kind of sad to go while I just started.

I'll try to take my mind off the interwebs while I'm gone. In the meanwhile, see you all in a few days! Don't get too rowdy while I'm gone ;)
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