"I saw a spaceship.."

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"Fly by your window..."

I'm currently jealous of the one's who are able to write such beautiful and unique lines in one single stroke. Their entire thoughts combined into one sweeping motion. No procrastination, no editing. Simplicity in its utmost form.

No one knows or understands why and how I write. It's a mystery; to myself and them.

I'm afraid of showing such a raw part of myself, to someone who may misunderstand. Well, that's not entirely true. I have shown some writing to a certain person who, - whether intentionally or not - laughed, scoffed and trampled over every last word.

Since then, all has been a secret. Rather, every written sentence, paragraph or word, has been hidden from them, from the one's I see every single day.

Whether they know it or not, I'd rather not wonder.

I do wonder though, how past poets and writers would react to modern criticism. I wonder why they wrote what they wrote. How their experiences shaped their sweeping pen. Their written word forever engraved onto our memories.

But that's a thought for another time.
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