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"Sorceress of Avalo" reprinted in Sorcerous Signals

Published by MumblingSage in the blog MumblingSage's Writing Blog. Views: 157

"The Sorceress of Avalo" has reappeared, this time in the Nov-Jan '10 issue of Sorcerous Signals. And with cover art!

Editor Carol Hightshoe's summary: Every few years, the priests of Ilnar send a warrior to the Sorceress of Avalo to have her read
the omens—however, the sorceress demands an unusual price for her services.

The artwork is by Lee Kuruganti.

All stories in Sorcerous Signals also appear in the print magazine, Mystic Signals, so you can also find "Sorceress" in Mystic Signals issue #4 (available at Amazon or Createspace).
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