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"The Betrayal" Chapter 8 snipper 2

Published by captain kate in the blog captain kate's blog. Views: 136

Kate stared at the holovid for long minutes, her mind blank. Inside, hidden by her calm demeanor, she raged at the information she had read. The Benham had been ordered to the system as a lamb to slaughter! President Carver, and his associates, had made contact with an Alien race known as the Treybis, and they had tested weaponry of theirs that Fleet had installed on a battle cruiser.

Janice didn’t stand a f****** chance, Kate raged as stood up.

With a scream, she swiped everything off the desktop in her anger. Jabbing a fist down, and through the desktop with her bionic strength, Kate snapped, her fury knowing now bounds. The bastards, she exploded with frenzied energy, they are so going to pay for this betrayal! Fleet command had sold out the honor, and respect of everyone in the service all for trying to gain, and keep, power over the entire Alliance! Damn them all to eternal hell!

Leaning back against the wall of the office, Kate felt herself sliding down to the floor. Her rage had burnt itself out, only to be replaced by a soul draining sadness. Weeping for the loss of her friend, and the loss of the truth she had so believed in, Kate buried her face in her hands. Everything she had built her life upon, she reflected, had been a lie, a manipulation of others! How did one keep going after learning such as that?

Silently, she cried, cried and cried as the pain washed over her in waves…
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