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"The Hunted"

Published by Zcreative in the blog Zcreative's blog. Views: 83

The Hunted

Cover of trees,
Musky brush and soil,
Eyes on the target,
Steady gaze,
Frozen like ice,
foreseeing the demise,
of the hunted.

Reaching behind,
tranquility kept,
lethal arrow taken,
raised slightly and cocked,
a shattering sound,
hearing the demise,
of the hunted.

Aim set,
target oblivious,
feathery bolt,
brushing his cheek,
soft to the touch,
deadly in reality,
feeling the demise,
of the hunted.

Metal mortification,
damp air surrounds,
leaves chilled,
frost covering,
almost tasting the demise,
of the hunted.

The clang of the shot,
a sleek beam propelled,
cutting through air,
slashing through darkness,
stopped abruptly,
causing the demise,
of the hunted.
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