Radioactive Urine

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The paper today announced on the front page that people in Fukushima had their urine tested and it was found to be radioactive. The government moving with customary speed has neglected to inform or protect its people accordingly and now they suffer.
It's like a bad science fiction movie, instinctively I get the image of florescent green fluid, like that out of reanimator, when instead I should be rigid with horror at what these poor people must be feeling right now. Imagine knowing that your urine, something that gathers inside you until your body is too full to keep it there is radioactive.
The streetsare full of anti nuclear sentiments now while the government sweats and blames the usual culprit, the Prime Minister (the fifth in five years). Whenever there is a problem the PM is replaced and a new golden boy is in his chair before the evening news. The entire nation celebrates and settles into a mood of gentle optimism but within two mouths the wolves are back demanding this freeloading, incompetent buffoon is kicked out so a 'real man' can take his place. Rather than get the person on watch when a catastrophe happens to be responsible for mending the country, Japan is much happier to slap some one else in place to clean up the mess. You would hope that after four years someone would have noticed this is not effective policy!
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