Random parts of a the second chapter of my first novel in series.

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I still don't think I've got it polished to where I'm 100% satisfied with it, but it's getting there. First draft, and fleshing the scene out, is done so cutting words, etc will be next once I finish the complete revision/rewrite/editing of the entire novel. I'm satisfied with the scenes though. Hell, I've just decided to post most of the scene.


“Ah, you’re awake.”

“What…happened to me?”

The nurse stood, close enough to touch, and looked at her computer. “It’ll be ok,” she said, “Everything will be explained in time.”

She reached out, the move frighteningly fast, and grabbed the woman’s wrist. “What happened to me?”

The nurse set the computer down, reached over, and tried to pry Kate’s fingers from her wrist. “If you let go, I can get someone to talk to you.”

“No,” Kate squeezed her wrist, “I…”

The nurse screamed, a high pitched wail of pain, as her wrist snapped, the crack sounding like a rifle shot in the quiet room. She let go of the other woman, staring at her arm and hand, fear starting rise again as she opened and closed her mouth. Kate sucked in a breath, what the hell just happened?

She ripped the covers off, exposing pasty white legs, as medical staff rushed into the room. None of this was right; her body didn’t look like this. Who were these people, and what the hell had they done to her? What had they done??

A doctor reached for her, and she shoved him away, nothing more then a simple push. The man flew across the room, a cry making her wince, and he hit the floor, sliding across the smooth surface to hit the far wall. She alternated between looking at her body, then the doctors, and a rush of emotion started to overcome the rational portion of her brain. Fear, combined with rage, built into a chorus, a crescendo with an unpredictable climax.

Kate bent her head, sobs wracking her body, but tears wouldn’t flow.

“What did you do? What the fuck did you do?” she shrugged off another nurse who tried to approach. “Why can’t I cry? Why! Why!”

“Doctor Matthews to room one four, STAT!”

Kate rolled over, trying to stand up, and fell off the bed instead. She landed, face first, the impact jarring, biting her tongue hard, and the lack of pain startled her even more. What the fuck? Where’s the blood? There should’ve been a ton after biting down so hard!

The floor felt cold, freezing actually, against her skin and she tried to push herself up but couldn’t make it onto her hands and knees. What the fuck had the bastards done to her? Nothing worked and they’d better not keep claiming everything would be ok! How could that be when she couldn’t even stand up for God’s sake?

A second doctor approached, reaching for her, and fear erupted inside her, the geyser of emotion no longer containable. She screamed, a heart wrenching combination of fear and sadness, which caused the medical team to back off. They’d seen many reactions during the testing phase, but nothing like this before, and it paralyzed them into inaction.

Kate clawed at the floor, pulling herself across the floor, each handhold a struggle to achieve, and tried to reach the safety under the bed. She might not being able to stand, but getting under the bed would make things difficult as hell for the bastards to reach her. The bed had two legs, each one with roller wheels on the bottom, which left a tight space between the wall and closest leg. They might be able to move the bed, but she wouldn’t allow them to have an easy go at corralling her.


She wedged herself into the space, somehow managing to pull both legs tight to her chest, and looked back at the doctors with wide eyes. The first doctor, shaking himself out of the paralysis, came over and dropped to his knees, and reached for her. Kate grabbed his arm, and flung the man as hard as she could, which sent him flying across the room. He slammed into the far wall, slid to the ground, and lay there moaning.

The tight confines felt safe, somewhere she could hide, and secure enough that Kate let her emotions flow uncontrollably. Sobs, from deep down in the place where a woman hides her deepest fears, racked her body, each one stronger then the last, but tears wouldn’t come. She sat, in an upright fetal position, and rocked herself back and forth. Screams soon replaced the sobs, grief and rage building up by the second, and she verbally lashed out at the people standing a short distance away.

“What did you do to me? You bastards! You did this! What did you do!!”

The words broke off, replaced by more sobs.
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