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Random Snippet 2 from Phoenix Rising

Published by captain kate in the blog captain kate's blog. Views: 132

“Damn it!” Kate shouted over the noise of guns firing and bullets whizzing through the air. “Not these things again!!”

“What the hell are those things?” Loving asked she pushed a new magazine into the grip of her Glock and then pulled the slide back to chamber the first round.

“Phosphor bullets,” Kate said as she pulled her Glock out and rolled across the ground to lean up against a tree trunk, which protected her from the flying bullets. “The only thing that can kill me!”

She leaned out and fired several times at the closet man. The nine-millimeter jacketed hollow point tore into his clothing, through the skin underneath, and blew four inches of his spine to jelly. A slight kick, one, two, three times and another man took a round to the chest and went down hard.

“We need to move,” Loving shouted as she returned fire. “They’re not trying to advance! This is to keep us occupied!”

Kate dropped another man and kicked herself for not figuring out what Loving had seen. Of course they wanted to keep them distracted; it’d allow any of the skin suits to make it onto scene and finish the damn job! The hell with it! It was time to go on the offense, and quit being on defense! Koch had kept her on defense from the very beginning and now it was time to turn the tables.

“Cover me!” Kate shouted to Loving, who nodded in response.

Loving started to blast away with her pistol, the hail of bullets pushing the man backwards, away from their dead, and towards where the shuttle hovered. Kate took advantage of their retreat and rolled into the clear and sprinted across the woods, which made the men gather themselves back up and return fire.

Kate raced towards her target, a machine gun lying by one of the dead men, bullets nipping at her heel. It would be close, very close, as to whether she’d made the gun before the man shot her, but she leapt for it. A soldier stepped out from behind a tree, raised his gun, and started to take a bead on her. This was it, the end of the line; she’d die before ever reaching the weapon.

A Glock sounded off in the night, it’s crack unmistakable from the other weapons, the bullets passing close enough to her head that she could hear them ripping through the air. The soldier staggered, chest erupting in a red explosion, his blood spraying over Kate’s face, up her nose, in her eyes. She hit the ground, grabbed the gun, and rolled into a runner’s crouch, weapon coming up.
The machine gun kicked against her shoulder as phosphor bullets erupted from its barrel. Soldiers scattered, projectiles in pursuit but none of then could avoid the hot, burning hand from Hell that reached out for them. Men dropped as the white-hot shells blasted through them, destroying organs and cauterizing the wounds at the same time.

Kate rolled to her feet and shot the last man in the back and he screamed once before dropping onto his face. Overhead, the turbines started to whine as they revved up to push the shuttle away from the killing field. They thought they’d get away? Oh no, it wasn't going to be that easy!

She scooped up another rifle and raced towards the opening in the tree cover the soldiers had dropped down through. Overhead, the shuttle had turned towards the nearby SAM launched and started to move away. Kate aimed at the flying craft and pulled the automatic weapon’s trigger.

Phosphor rounds, their path tracked by the red tracer’s the hot rounds made, chewed into the shuttle’s hull. They started at the cockpit and moved down the body as the forward movement carried it away. Fires and muffled explosions started inside the craft as it started to fly out of control. A tongue of flame spit out the engines and the shuttle nosed for the ground.

“Down!” Kate screamed as she raced across and hurdled over the log they’d used for cover.

The shuttle hit the ground out of sight and an explosion temporarily turned the night to day. A second, even larger blast followed the first, the force of it causing the very ground to rattle, and a massive ball of flame rose into the sky. Kate covered her face with a hand as the mushroom cloud rose up into the night sky.

“The SAM launcher!” Loving screamed as another explosion light up the sky, it’s roar nearly blotting out her voice.

Kate laid on her stomach as more, albeit smaller in intensity, explosions continued to rack the area. Of course, she’d forgotten about the missile launcher being nearby. That’d explained everything! The shuttle had crashed into the battery and exploded, which then caused the second, massive, detonation followed by the remaining munitions cooking off.

Kate rolled onto her back and started to laugh uncontrollably. She’d kill to see the look on Koch’s smug face now! The arrogant bastard thought he had it all wrapped up! This had to have gotten his attention in a big way.
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