Marshmallow Nov 15, 2009
Fiction? I hope so...

If not, I'm sorry. Break-ups are pretty bad, especially if the whole 'virginity' thing was present and then's tough.

But you'll bounce back.

Your profile says you're 18, which means that you still have more than 70% of your life left (knock on wood) -- don't waste it moping.

People mean a lot to people. My mom said that right before she left. It wasn't true for her, but it's true for the rest of us. We are defined by who we spend time around. This is very depressing, as I've learned that people as a whole are wicked things void of any sense of honor. There is no such thing as trust anymore, just the illusion of it, a phrase with no meaning.

What I'm saying is that you will overcome this and realize that people aren't worth your time. This 'Nick' guy may seem important to you, but ask yourself if he thinks the same of you. Ask yourself as you lay awake fretting if he is returning the favor. When you realize that no, he is not, you will find peace.

God bless. :)