Random Thought #1: Can You Feel Constant Motion?

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I like physics a lot and while I do venture to read about it every once in a while, it seems much more fun to speculate and sound things out in my head- the theories that are unproven but flooded with popular suggestions. So I had a thought... (please suppress the laughing till I explain this phenomenon) I was wondering if it was possible to feel constant motion?

You can feel the change in speed when you are in motion due to the drag and vault of speeding up or slowing down, but when you are in constant motion, do you know you are in motion.

I can feel motion because I feel the wind in my face. I hear the whoosh of things passed or passing by. I feel the rumble of the road through the tires, the work of the engine, and I can see things moving as I am moving. But without being able to feel or see or hear these things, would I feel motion itself? I doubt it. Like being in one of those really quiet, really smooth elevators, the sense of motion becomes lost as the those externalities are dramatically reduced. I imagine driving without these things would be unsettling and very disorienting also- like driving in complete silence.

But I just came to the thought that we cannot feel it. I didn't bother looking it up because it takes the fun out of thinking about it for myself :p
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