Random Thoughts to Myself

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This really is more for me than anything, but I find it easier to post my thoughts about my story so I can come back and remember what I did, but whenever I send them to a file in my computer, I'm more than probably going to lose them. A sad truth. So, I'll be using the cool blog feature. :D

Dear Oasis Writer,

I'm really confused on how I am going to rewrite Chapter One, and Chapter Three fr that matter. Both of them are in the third person for a reason, but I'm afraid you're going to end up doing something that I do all the time. Confuse the reader.

I need you to find a simpliar way.

Now, as for Chapter One, where are you going with that? You need to get ride of the majority of it because it takes away the ending on accident, or does it? Yes....and no....so, we'll say yes.

We'll work on it later.

Until then, continue to use your blog feature to escape reality and write pointlessly to yourself about your stories to make you remember what you forgot.

Until you go insane again,

Oasis Writer
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