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Definitely one of my new favorite books is Rant by Chuck Palahniuk. (You can see my review of it in the Book Reviews section.)

I thought it was interesting that, in the story, the government had divided citizens up into night time and day time. As in, half of the people were allowed to be out and about only in the day, and the other half were only allowed to be in the city at night. It was implemented as a way to offset overcrowding in big cities. Citizens were allowed to apply for either "nighttimer" or "daytimer" status. It was definitely an interesting concept.

Lately, my sleep schedule has been completely backward. I've been going to sleep around 9 or 10am, and waking up in the evening. And I wondered, would it be possible for people in cities to actually live like that, segregated between night and day? Would it be better or worse?

An interesting thought.
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