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Read if you Dare!

Published by Fullmetal Xeno in the blog Fullmetal Xeno's blog. Views: 128

I haven't posted much lately, but don't worry i'lll be on more often. I'll still might not be as active as i usually am, but bare with me. I have alot of new games to play, such as MW3, Skyrim and more. Writing has been really slow, My NanoWrimo was a disaster, theres no way i can finish the rest of that story. So, for now on im focusing on one project. Yes. Just one! Well one im actually going to write. You'll see when i start writing it. Ive been a slow writer for awhile, so i'd thought i would keep you guys updated on my writing process. The new project is Project:Frost, a story i have been working on since i was 8. (Theme and Idea-wise) and i know what i want for it to lean towards. I have the ideas ready, just writing the story and develop everything will be the hard part. See with Terra, i had a hard time developing such a massive world, so i pushed it aside to something alot smaller, somewhere better to start. I decided that project will be my backbone story, where i can work on it for years to come. This new story ive started is based off of a story of mine called "Downfall" which was a old story i thought of when i was younger and now im developing it into a more mature and darker story. I will otherwise keep you guys updated on other things, and maybe i will stop procrastinating and get this story flowing. :D

- Fullmetal Xeno
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