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Real Life vs Writing

Published by Corbyn in the blog Corbyn's blog. Views: 390

I've had a rough Nano this year. I've had a hard time concentrating and getting any words on the page, despite having a full thriving outline. Mostly this is because I can't concentrate. I can't let my real life go enough to get into my make believe one. The...words...are...gone.

Even writing this rant is difficult.

The real life stresses I'm normally able to handle without difficulty are overwhelming. My work is stressful under the best of circumstances, my family is adding to the huge stress ball at my back, and even my supposed significant other is driving that little tack in deeper day by day.

Writing is my normal outlet. Without it, I feel the cracks in my armor widening and the bad parts of my personality I try desperately to keep a lid on are oozing out. I'm not like the hulk or anything. I don't go all green with anger and rage out. I just have a generally pessimistic outlook on the world and my little section of it. Being a writer probably doesn't help that. I try not to let myself fall into the pitfalls of ooh, my writing is so terrible, but I understand that happens to all of us. If we want it to or not.

So in conclusion, I'm finding it hard to keep my focus, push for my goals, and keep the real world at bay long enough to accomplish what I want to.

So my question is this: In the battle between your real life, and your writing life, whose winning?
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