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Funny in November it will be 4 years since we parted.
Pisses me off that you replaced me so easily.
He is a jackass as you have often told me.

I loved you once, and you me.

But that is the past.

And I love to hate you, and hate to love you.
So how does it feel being happy?
That you have your jackass?

One day I will be loved again, one day.
And come November you will be entirely dead
to me, along with all the pain.

Even if there is no one that will ever find me
attractive, or worth anything, I will always
regret my time with you. 9 years gone, in an

I excise you from my heart, mind, and soul.
Breaking these chains once and for all. I am
ready to live again.
I am ready to breath again.
I am ready to love again.

But until then I have my eccentricity, and my
writing to keep me company through the heat
of summer, to the cold bitter winter.

So a man on the mend, awaits the hands of
hopefully a wonderful fate. I want to feel love,
and never again hate.

Provided there is a lovely lady out there that will have me.
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