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If any positive has come out of my Mother's passing, it has been the realization that all the petty, contemptuous nonsense that goes on in my life is an utter waste of energy and should be completely disregarded. I remember before my Mum passed, she used to tell me quite often that the reason why she stayed inside, away from people, is that because they're so judgmental. They are seemingly sick with this constant need to feel superior to everyone they meet. She told me however, that instead of getting angry with them, and trying to put up a fight against their egotism, that I should just smile and be polite ; 'it's a waste of time fighting the tide', she'd say. I never quite understood that until now. I was always a very passive-aggressive person. I guess it's only when someone so incredibly invaluable is taken from you, that you realize what is truly important. After all, we're all in a pursuit of happiness so to speak, so why bother with all the interruption?
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