Really? But I never win anything

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I could feel my heart beating faster and faster. I took a deep breath. I couldn't believe it. The phone was ringing. Every time I had tried before, I had been met with the same dull engaged tone. I'd got through. Well, not quite through yet, but it was ringing. Ringing was a start. Ringing was the middle bit between you calling and someone answering. So now I am just waiting for someone to answer. Anyone to answer. Is someone going to answer.

Just as I was about to put the phone down, a guy called Rick asked me who I was and where I was calling from. I'm Andy from Watford I said. Hello Andy from Watford, he said, do you know the rules. Yes, I do, I lied. Ok, well you are line number 10. Stand by. "Hello, welcome back, this is Toby Anstis on Heart radio, lets go to line number 10, who's there.

"It's Andy, from Watford" I said, for the second time in as many minutes. "Hello Andy, this is your chance to win tickets to see........" Now here is my first embarrassing admission. I didn't strictly know what I was calling up for. I knew it was a competition and I knew it was a big deal, as they had been playing adverts saying things like "Don't miss out on your chance to be at ........." "In the next hour you could win an amazing.........."

I consider myself quite fortunate that I am allowed to listen to the radio while at work. I'm unfortunate in that my desk is the furthest from the speakers, so I am often left playing guess the song, from the various bass lines that I can just about pick up. So when I heard the words "you could win" and "call now" that's exactly what I did.

"...................Enrique Iglasias" I said nothing, but inside I was thinking "Your kidding me! All this hype to see Anna Kournikova's boyfriend. The face I had spent my teenage years throwing darts at." The next few seconds saw me trying to guess a number between 100 and 999. I had 40 seconds to guess the 3 digit code and Toby could only say higher or lower. I managed it in a decent time, although I don't really remember it.

I was disappointed. Where was my big prize. Where was my "In the next hour you could win an amazing...." This isn't amazing. This is embarrassing. "Congratulations Andy, who will you be taking?" "My wife I guess, unless she wants to go with a friend!" "Well don't forget it's a trip for up to four people so you.........." "A trip?" I said, confused. "That's right, you have won an all expenses trip for 4 to Euro Disney this weekend. You'll be traveling by Euro Star on Friday, staying for two nights in the Disney Cheyenne Hotel and returning on Sunday. Don't forget on Saturday night, you will be going to an intimate gig with Enrique Iglasias and will experience the full VIP treatment, how does that sound?"

I told him it sounded great and I thanked him. I phoned my wife and told her I had won a prize on the radio. She had assumed I had won some sort of Mickey Mouse prize and it turns out she was right, I had.

Now here is my second embarrassing admission. Enrique Iglasias is good and I am glad I went. Ok, I still haven't forgiven him for going out with Anna Kournikova, but he engaged with the fans, spent time chatting to the kids and parents and actually sang the last few songs from within the crowd itself.

And here is my last embarrassing admission. I couldn't organise a passport in time for my baby daughter. After looking at all the options I did what I had to do. I left my wife and baby at home and went with two of my mates
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