Recent poems.

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Recent poems of mine.

Walls of Fire

Walls of fire,
Of wrath,
Of rage,
Bind me to consequence,
Bind my shadow to consequence,
Shackle my soul to consequence.

This cruelty is kind
To love
Bound flesh,

For reminding me
Of consequence,
For shackling me
To consequence,
Massages my love bound flesh
That did, in eternal beauty
Walk through these walls!
Through this fire,
Through this wrath,
Through this rage.

What did it find?
Celestial light?
Boundless freedom?
No, this is not freedom;
This light is lurid,
Hot at the core.
This freedom weighted
By untenable insanity,
Sedated by
Intangible agony.
My sin
Dripped tongue
Causes temporary numb
To the pain that it brings unto me

Pity my free soul,
For it is burned by the breeze
Of heavenly peace,
Numbed to the pain
Of its feather whip.
All I want,
Are those walls of fire.


Escape Preservation By Preserving Your Escape


Through this clear window,
See all
The things
He intended me to


Stay still in this room,
With the putrid
Remnants of a mirror’s


Never leave this place of stillness,
No one comes to my place of stillness,

The window dirties,
All blurs to black,
It breaks the spell
Of snow white wonder,
Making a leper of my own
Self preservation.


Am never touched,
Never seen or tasted,
Never smelled nor heard.
Crawling from this room
Of piteous splendour,
I rot in fleeing
The winter’s chase,
The summer sun,
The spring’s blossom,
Autumnal rain.
All blurs to black
And breaks the spell
Of my bleak preservation.


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