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I don't need Beer, as long as shes Near,
I Got my High, as she Walks By.
Theres no better Combination, Shes my Inspiration,
Hollie ann, i wish you'd understand. Im your biggest fan,
Statistically Impossible, yet completely Plausible,
That your my Conclusion, This is No Illusion.
Before our First date,
I knew you were my Soul Mate, You Hold every Perfect Trait,
For you I cleared my Slate, It wasnt hard to Contemplate,
Let just circumnavigate, Wile we Create.
Its not up for debate, That we Equate,
My love for you will never Abate, Or Deflate.
Your my Inspiration, Theres no Higher Elevation,
Or Duplication, your one of a kind,
and i Thank God your all Mine.
Im may not always answer when you call,
Or be there when you bawl,
But I will Always catch you when you Fall,
Im not the man I can be, and ill need Your hand,
In changing a few things, I hope you Understand,
That You dont have to ask, its not a hard task, To give you what you deserve, Ill take a curve, and do a swerve, a complete 180, for you my baby. I want to be a better man, One Deserving of your hand.
Im sure hes better, And much more Clever,
Praying you've found your Forever.
Its much to soon, For me to croon, another,
I couldn't let my Heart flutter , there was to much clutter.
I didn't call her, I never wanted anyone else.
I wont hold you back, cause your up at bat.
and im in the Hole, Practicing my swing.
Just wish it didn't Sting, but this was far from a Fling.
I had already ordered your Ring.
Ill be fine in time. Dont fret, But you can Bet,
I wont roll over and die, This aint no wiskey lullaby,
You've found another, So will I, I wont let my life pass me by,
as i tell you goodbye, cant help but cry. And wonder Why?
Ill never cease to Pray, that im The only one, standing by your side each and everyday
. Im sorry Mi Amor, that i couldn't Show you more.
I was worth the wait, make no mistake,but i had my chance, to teach you to dance.
I can't compete with the perfect man, im sure god had all this in his plan.
Ill never cause a rumble, as my heart crumbles.
You weren't like the others. Your Passion was your fashion,
I just wasn't your fate, dont worry i Know You'll be Great.
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