KaTrian May 2, 2015
That sounds like a shitty situation. Sorry to hear it happened. :(

People are weird. They say things they don't mean. They change their minds what seems like for no reason. They're going through stuff and end up hurting others around them because of their own shit. But that's not everyone, and you'll meet guys who won't ditch you for some girl who puts out. The worst thing you can do is start changing yourself to "get" a guy. If casual sex and friends with benefits isn't your thing, don't go there. You'll just end up hating yourself. There're lots of guys who don't expect that either. Who don't mind waiting, or want to wait themselves. I'm sorry this guy burned you, and, really, it's best to brace yourself for future knocks and bruises as well. But you'll get back up again, and often finding someone new will help heal the pain left behind by an ex.

Whatever you do, don't sell yourself short. Hang tough!
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