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relinquishing emotional fixation toward material trappings ™

Published by ts735b in the blog ts735b's blog. Views: 212

gold and silver upholds true value capitalist money tree
thrown down upon the gaunt lit alter of midas, treasured as current sea

countless denominations cashiered their legal tender to grant
rich midas , who straddles diamond compound billed as sacred kant

tickles with dollar signs motley crue scrambling towards drawbridge gate
pedestrians malingering hungry thirst for wealth of nations to satiate

inexorable appetite for wanton money to amass
fuels reverence for all that glitters even brass
whence madding crowd behaviour cruel and crass
deplorable if perceived from one way looking glass

fool hardiness to revere what beast called money, lucre, green back
can buy - sweeping across world wide web scarring globe on fast track

toward accumulating high excess lavish life style
and parade with pomp and circumstances while

ninety nine percent of less wealthy live hand to mouth
envying those billeted behind sealed mansions east, west, north and south

except this dollar less chap, who could not give a rat’s tush
for the ka-ching melodic sound twenty four seven that does swoosh
in burlap sack clothes and bank accounts preferring to slog and push
along the boulevard of broken dreams that resembles nothing but mush

yet preference prevails to forego attachment to government sanctioned loot
freeing mind and body trying to cherish voluntary simplicity which does suit
this quest for knowledge seeking writer, who disparages against his horn to toot

nor imposing personal philosophy that gives reason exuberantly to exhale
versus vacuity and purposelessness sans blind faith toward holy grail
goading most people to persevere for millions of bucks over hill and dale

despite owning next to nothing, yet detaching psychological bond that doth choke
ability to experience unfettered psyche likened to an oxen with iron bound yoke!
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